Oklahoma City artist seeks former classmate of Francis Tuttle to return valuable photo

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City artist is on a quest to reunite a mother with a treasured image and artwork.

For 17 years she searched for the rightful owner without success.

“I’m an old school artist,” said Sonja Olson. “I use all the techniques of paper, pencil, watercolor, hard copy.”

For Olson, art is his passion – his pride and joy.

“I don’t do anything infographic,” she says. “So literally you get a copy of everything I do, you know, that’s pretty much what you see, that’s what you get.”

But for her, there is no more irreplaceable work of art than the one that led to nearly two decades of mystery.

Olson was a student at Francis Tuttle on Rockwell in 2005 when a classmate’s photo of her son’s bright blue eyes caught hers.

She offered to take it home for a few weeks to make a portrait the mother could cling to for years.

“She said it was, ‘this is my favorite picture,'” Olson recalled. “It’s, you know, ‘It’s absolutely precious to me. Don’t lose it,’ and I said, ‘No, I won’t. I won’t.'”

After hours of work with a steady hand and a caring heart – disappointment.

“I was going to give it back to him,” Olson said. “I managed to get it back, but she was gone.”

The mother was nowhere to be found.

“Unfortunately, I still can’t remember his name,” Olson said.

The only clue Olson has is the child’s name – Owen Sage.

For the past 17 years, she’s tried everything — even Facebook groups to find the mother — holding on to those precious photos.

“I’ve been in insecure housing on and off,” Olson said. “So it’s, it’s literally an extremely lucky thing to have a roof over my head right now – to have any piece of art. It’s, it’s even luckier than I have this photo and I have the original photo.

But she doesn’t lose hope – determined to find that loving mother and her bright-eyed baby boy.

“They’re both his property and they shouldn’t be in my possession,” Olson said. “They shouldn’t have been in my possession for so long. It was his most treasured photo.

If it belongs to you or someone you know, please contact KFOR. We would love to help coordinate a meeting!

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