Podcast: Haverhill’s 5th Annual Restaurant Week dotted with special events and $20.22 prizes

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The fifth annual Haverhill Restaurant Week will once again be capped off with a sold-out dining event under the stars and an awards night.

In between, more than a dozen local dining establishments are celebrating the year with promotions from $20.22 to an appropriate price. Kicking off is L’Arche Boston North’s longest table on Thursday, August 18 on Rep. Brian S. Dempsey’s promenade. Haverhill Chamber President and CEO Alex Eberhardt said Restaurant Week will get underway in earnest the following day.

“Each restaurant chooses certain items from the menu or a special discounted item where they kind of put them together. It could be something as simple as picking an appetizer and main course for $20.22 so you basically get cash to pop in and try new items. Or, they can have drink specials that they bring on the menu or they can do a special meal for a couple night out where it could then cost $20.22 per person, or $40.44,” she said. declared.

L’Arche Boston North general manager Jennifer Matthews said tickets for the longest table sold out in about 30 minutes. Eberhardt, a recent guest on WHAV’s morning program, said 15 restaurants will participate beginning Friday, August 19.

Restaurants include Peddler’s Daughter, 110 Grill, Barking Dog Ale House, Casa Blanca, G’s Texas Southern Flare, Bradford Brew House, Carbone’s Kitchen, Joseph’s Trattoria Bakery and Café, Krueger Flatbread & Olivia’s, Tawa Tandoor, Stacks, The Tap, Triana’s Real Mexican Food, Keon’s and River Street Café.

There are additional events, including one for Thursday, August 25.

“We are also organizing special events this year. We’re bringing back the Tasty Award at the end of the week to really honor these restaurants and inspire customers who come from all over to visit these restaurants during Restaurant Week when they have their special. Each participating restaurant this year will have a 20.22 cent special as an ode to the year 2022, in addition to other things they are also doing. But everyone will have this special on the table,” Eberhardt said.

Diners will vote for the Tasty Awards in categories such as Most Amazing Restaurant Owner, Best Chef, Best Ambience, Best Barista, Most Memorable Staff Personality, Favorite Bartender, Regular Favorite also known as the name of “Bar Stool Hero”, the best pizza spinner, the tastiest dessert, Around the world—Favorite cultural cuisine, Customer choice—Restaurant and Customer choice—Personality.

The Tasty Awards are from 5:30-8:30 p.m., at Barking Dog Ale House, 77 Washington St., Haverhill, with $20 admission, available at crafthaverhill.com.

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