T-Pain reveals music services streaming payments, highest Napster

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Singer T-Pain has sparked tens of thousands of reactions with a viral tweet highlighting how small musical artists are paid on streaming services. Twitter users were very shocked that Napster still exists.

the Bartender The singer shared an infographic of how many streams it takes for a music artist to make $ 1 on popular streaming platforms, and captioned the tweet: “Just so you know.”

Shockingly enough, the old-fashioned music service Napster paid artists the most – 53 streams to make $ 1, according to the graph. Tidal Music came in second with 78 streams to make $ 1, followed by Apple Music at 128, then Deezer at 156, 249 streams for Amazon Music, 315 for Spotify, 752 streams for a dollar from Pandora, and YouTube Music a paid a tiny dollar for every 1,250, according to the chart.

If Napster pays well, that must mean Kazaa and LimeWire must rain on the music artists.

The famous auto-tune singer’s tweet received over 25,000 retweets and nearly 110,000 likes. There were also thousands of reactions on Twitter, including hundreds of people who were surprised that

  • Find Napster still exists, it’s a hell of a twist.
  • Napster being the highest paid platform is a serious M. Night Shyamalan sh-t. “
  • Rebound! 20 years later, Napster now pays artists the most for streaming music.
  • Napster did more for artists than Spotify by a factor of about 5, the way the narratives moved into what is now a “business practice”.
  • Surprised by see @napster go from villain to hero of this story.
  • People laugh about Napster, but I’m about to go see them if they pay creators like that well.
  • Someone else turn “Today Years” to find out that Napster is still around? “
  • Youtube needs to pull himself together.
  • How come someone just doesn’t play a looping clip everyday to make money? “
  • If this graph is accurate, it is the number of streams it would take for an artist to earn $ 36,000, the actual median income of an American. Youtube / Google 45M Spotify 11.3M Amazon 8M Apple 4.6M Tidal 2.8M Napster 1.9M Reminder that 1M of purchases takes a single turntable.

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