The robot bartender listens, discusses and mixes

“Hi. I’m Celilia. The first interactive bartender.” would be the first robotic bartender to interact and chat with visitors, using conversational AI, voice recognition technology and contactless functionality.

The bar automat, sporting a slim futuristic design, was developed by the creative tech minds of the Israelis. GKI Group. Their idea was conceived long before the pandemic sparked demand for contactless solutions in public spaces.

In addition to robotic drink dispensing, has chatbot capabilities, allowing her to “converse” with bargoers. Voice control enables contactless ordering and its large screen is ideal for broadcasting advertising. It also accepts most types of payments.

Cecilia says she can brew 120 drinks per hour and takes care of customizing conversation scripts to meet the demands of a venue. The ingredients of the mixture and the alcohol are fixed in a tray at the base of the machine and a main storage area at the rear; it can hold up to 70 liters.

“ is offered for both purchase and lease for life,” said GKI Marketing Director Nir Cohen Paraira.

“Businesses like airports, hotels and stadiums can buy to save some costs, bring a new source of revenue or simply stand out and attract new customers with an innovative and unforgettable experience,” Paraira added.

It is a potentially interesting offer for operators serving the events market and private parties. can be hired on a daily or hourly basis, Paraira noted.

In addition to entertaining visitors and mixing precision cocktails, the robotic bartender possesses useful non-human abilities, including collecting data and analyzing it into actionable insights. And she won’t call sick.

Cecilia was named after Mary Louise Cecilia “Texas” Guinan, an actress and entrepreneur famous for running speakeasy bars and nightclubs in the Roaring Twenties. A male robot program is coming

Go here to hear Cecilia herself.

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