Wetherspoons accused me of being drunk and scrambling my words but I’m deaf – it was so humiliating

A WETHERSPOONS punter claims staff accused her of being drunk and scrambling – not realizing she is deaf.

Sally Arathoon, 47, says a bartender ‘refused’ to serve her a second booze and coffee for her husband Scott.


A Wetherspoons punter claims staff accused her of being drunk and scrambling her words – not realizing she is deafCredit: JD Wetherspoon

The staff member accused her of ‘talking too loudly’ and claimed she was drunk at the Wheatsheaf Wetherspoon in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

Scott and Sally had gone to the pub for a drink after Scott’s mother’s funeral.

Sally has the rare Ménière’s disease – affecting the inner ear – which means she has lost 55 per cent of her hearing, said Scott, a father of three.

Scott told the Echo of Liverpool“She had gone to the bar and she looked at me and she looked mortified and she was shaking.

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“She was shaking with her hands because when she gets anxious, she shakes with her hands.”

Sally explained that she was deaf and even removed her hearing aid to show staff, he said.

But the bartender reportedly insisted she was drunk – and wouldn’t serve her.

Sally had been ill for three years and was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease in December.

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Scott added: “The harm and humiliation has already been done, having to remove her hearing aids to show her she was deaf in front of other people has left my wife embarrassed, humiliated and upset and not wanting to leave the house anymore today.”

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We are investigating the incident and cannot comment further at this stage.

“We will be happy to speak with those involved once we have fully investigated the incident.”

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